BSRN Holdings - Our History

Our history

Business and trade and has been a part of the Basaran Family legacy for many decades, and with the expansion of BSRN Holdings Inc. it will continue well into the future. The Basaran's endeavours in Turkey have included the trade of engine lubricants, lubricant additives and fuels, mining management, imports/exports of fabrics and textile. With a solid history of business and trade experience, BSRN Holdings Inc. incorporated with the support and connections to modern and educated professionals that come together to create the foundation of this company. The following shows a small excerpt of the family business in its near history.

  • 2016 BSRN Holdings was Incorporated

    After establishing the best available contacts and a strong team, the BSRN Holdings was incorporated under the Business Corporations act of British Columbia, Canada.

  • 1992 - 2016 Inactive

    Majority of the family business operations were sold or closed.

  • 1970 - 1982 Corn Oil, Corn Flour and Glucose Production and Exports

    The factory specialized in producing with zero-waste. Corn was used to make oils, flour, glucose and animal food.

  • 1970 - 1980 Lignite & Marble Mines Management

    Family held the management operations of two mines, mining lignite and marble in Black Sea Region of Turkey.

  • 1947 - 1992 Engine Lubricants, Additives and Fuels Distribution

    Basaran Family had businesses, distributing engine lubricants, oil/fuel additives and fuels distribution in Black Sea Region of Turkey. The family held the wholesale distribution rights of Castrol, British Petroleum (BP), Shell Oil Company and Mobil Oil Company Products in Northern Region of Turkey.


  • 1930 - 1955 Grain Trade & Exports

    Family held a trading company sending large volumes of grains to overseas locations from Turkey.

  • 1930 - 1955 Textile and Fabrics Trading and Imports

    One part of the family owned businesses well known in fabric imports and distribution in Northern Region of Turkey.